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What are the Benefits of being Organized ?

Home Staging – rapid sale and maximum profit.
Office Organization – focus on your clients and increase profits.

Hi, I’m Melanie and I welcome you to Restoring Orders website providing Specialized Office Organization and Home Staging Services.


We understand that professional business owners have very busy days managing all aspects of the business, but you only have a finite number of hours in a day to complete tasks and provide exceptional service to clients.

  • What are the consequences of not having an organized office?   Daily tasks are not completed resulting in them being moved forward to the next day or week,  time is wasted looking for documents or information, meetings are missed due to bad time management,  loss of revenue due to clients being invoiced late as well as late charges with penalties on expenses.
  • Missed opportunities of gaining new clients or contracts,  lack of business growth, not reaching your business and personal goals.  We can HELP ! We will organize your office by implementing customized processes and procedures that will make everyday a smooth flowing day that will be enjoyable, profitable and productive.


As a busy family you are all always on the go, leaving little time for keeping your home in tip top shape, so clutter and stuff accumulates, repairs to do not get done, furniture is outdated as money is needed for kids, education and so on. Your environment gets messy, cluttered and out of control.

  • Your house is probably the most valuable asset that you have and you can increase the profit you will receive if your house is appealing to buyers. If you are ready to sell your house because you need a bigger space for a growing family, or if you are downsizing as all the kids are out, you want to obtain the best price for the house and this is possible and easy – if you Home Stage your property.
  • Think of Home Staging as an upfront investment for a high payoff in the end. Don’t loose the additional thousands of dollars that you will get from a buyer that gets hooked on your home, visualizes themselves living in the house and is prepared to pay extra to purchase it.

It is time to take ACTION,  take back control and get organized at your office or in your home.

A change in mindset and ACTION will move you forward as a winner !

We have the expertise and passion to help you ! Take ACTION now and give us a call to discuss how we can HELP you.  You will never look back !


Contact me to start restoring order!
Melanie Gross

Services: Office Organizing & Home Staging
Location: We operate in the Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, New Market and GTA areas
Contact: 647-338-7733 | melanie@restoringorder.ca